Sunday, April 26, 2009


For a couple of weeks, hubby has been busy with work and calling people about apartments. For the past few months, he has been looking around on craigslist for any available apartment or house to rent this summer. Our lease in this crappy apartment we are renting right now will end at the end of July. We had hoped that we could find a decent place before July first. Last weekend we looked at a 4 bedroom house and a 4 bedroom apartment close by in this neighborhood and the prices were good. But, there was a problem with the house, and the owner was really looking for a buyer to unload it on. It was on the market already, and he has it rented for a while. Plus, there are lots of holes in the wall, the carpet is dirty, and he is not going to replace it. However, the apartment was spacious and clean, but there was no bathtub, and the shower was too small. And both the house and apartment are available only until May. Nevertheless, we didn’t like either one, so hubby called another management about this nice house in a nice location, and he set up an appointment for us to check it out. Last Tuesday, we went there to see the house. We liked the house. It is a three story building with three bedrooms, a dining area, big kitchen, living room, backyard, and a basement with washer and dryer hook-ups. The price was a little bit more than what we budgeted for, but the heck with it. We plan on living in that house for at least three years. We prayed for it because the problem is that it might not be available after May. Hubby talked to the management about our situation. The next day he received a call, and it was good news. They let us have it! We sign up the lease right away and pay the deposit and down payment for it. Finally, we can live in a house. Our babies will have their own bedrooms, I will have a bigger kitchen to cook in, the bathroom is great, and the backyard has a swing set. Jake and our little princess will have a bigger and more spacious place for walking and crawling. All is well that ends well.


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