Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bike Riding

It was summer of 2007 when I got here in the land of US of A. My MIL loves bike riding as her way of exercise. She computed and recorded every mile she ride. She also has this favorite place to go to for bike riding. The bike trail is in Franklin, 10mins drive away from her place. It was a nice, smooth trail to ride a bike. That was my first time riding on a bike again after a very long time. We used to ride a bike going to school when we were little. I was a bit scared the first time being on the bike again, but after few minutes being on that smooth trail I started liking it. I was 2 months pregnant with Jake then, but that didn't bother me coz I was so careful and bike riding i think is good exercise during pregnancy.

Bicycling offers a lot of health benefits, it is a good cardiovascular exercise that could increase the health of your heart. A bike with several speeds will allow you to increase you fitness level as your cardiovascular function improves. Begin by riding at an easy speed over even ground. If what you want is a challenge change your terrain. It help also release your stress and its good for the heart exercise. Here in the US Bike riding is one of the many exercises people do aside from walking, running or jogging. And they do have great trail around here, even other state in the country has a great trail for bike riding. Enjoy your bike riding this summer guys.

I want to share this information I found online for pregnant women.
What are the benefits of bike riding during pregnancy?

Studies consistently show that the more fit you become, the more fit your fetus is for labor and delivery. Women who exercise regularly during pregnancy are less likely to have Cesarean deliveries or require other medical interventions (like artificial rupture of membranes or forceps) during delivery. And their babies are less likely to show signs of stress (such as meconium) during labor.

Biking works the big muscle groups in your legs, back and abdomen. In this way, it helps to tone those muscles, and you'll notice the payoff with improved posture, better back support, less back pain and improved flexibility and strength for delivery.

Working those muscles also helps strengthen your bones and improve blood flow to your legs. The better the blood flow, the less venous congestion in your legs. In the long run, this means fewer varicose veins and less ankle swelling. Women who exercise consistently during pregnancy also report less urine leakage during and after pregnancy, probably because working the big muscle groups also tones the pelvic floor muscles.

Studies show that women who maintain an exercise regimen during pregnancy are more likely to get in shape quickly after delivery – and are even in better shape a year from delivery than they were before pregnancy.

The physiological benefits of exercise during pregnancy, however, are not the main reason to pull out the bike. Cycle to exercise your mind. The fresh air, the escape from the rigors of work, preparation and planning, and the joy of spending time with loved ones is like a delicious mental stretch.


Chubskulit Rose July 13, 2009 at 6:31 PM  

When i got pregnant with rye tsang, i did a lot of exercises but with EJ, walks lang hehehe.. tamad na eh, mukhang ang galing galing mo mag bike ah.. ako naku baka limot ko na on how to ride a bike wahahahah..

Dhemz July 13, 2009 at 8:35 PM  

woi nyora, buntis ka diay ani ni jake ug 2 months? labi man gid kay bike riding man...balo baka nga when I was 6 weeks pregnant of Akesha, nakasakay pako ug roller coaster...waa...hahhaa...wala man pod ko bawo nga buntis diay ko...maau kay wako na miscarriage....

na ako pod tsang, dugay na bya ko waka ride ug bike...dire rako ni balik ug bike riding...mao na among usahay buhaton for quality time.

Nice man ang bike trail dire kay d man mabun-og imong k-k-...nyaahahha...joke ato kay grabi man ka batoon jud...:) thanks for sharing the info....:)niwang pa kaau ka aning pic tsang...:)

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