Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not Reality, its Actuality

Watching television is one of our pastimes as a family. In the evening we like to watch drama, sometimes we watch sports and news, but sometimes we really get into some reality television. One of the best reality shows that I like to watch is truTV in general. Watching truTV programs are so amazing that viewer like us cannot help but have a physical reaction when watching. You will really be amazed of how these people face the danger when they try these sports like the bungee jumping, the most daring motor cross and more. You should check out truTV video and see if you agree with me. You really do not know what will happen next as you do on some other reality shows. I got goose bumps, nervous and mixed emotion when I saw truTv's most daring where the dirt bike flying out of nowhere and across the track bumped other competitor. It was really a horrifying accident I have ever seen. You see the accidents as they happen, and you see and hear the reactions and consequences as well. You should watch truTV with caution because when the stories are real, the actual effect could be dangerous and deadly. I would imagine that a motor cross competitor of a few years would have some stories that even truTV has not encountered. But, if you have the stomach for it, truTV's Most Daring is one of the best reality shows on television today.

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truTV's Most Daring - Dirt Won't Hurt...


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