Thursday, September 10, 2009

Watch Reality Show with Caution

Reality shows these days are becoming popular in Television. Among all the reality shows on television there is one that really out smarted the others. The truTV. Not Reality. It's Actuality as they say. The programs on truTV are so amazing that viewers like me cannot help but have a physical reaction when watching. It is a reality shows on real life situation with real stories but the effect is actual. We watch almost all the shows on truTV from black gold, cops to forensic files and now this other reality show that is shocking, exciting and dangerously horrifying. I have seen this episode of World's Wildest Vacation. It's funny though when people like this go for a vacation and wanted to try everything and have some adventures of their life but indeed up injured. While I was watching the show I can't helped but scream when a lawyer tried the bungee jumping and the rope got loose fortunately he survived. Check out the truTV video and be shocked.

You should also watch the most daring episode of truTV and see this daredevils fighting for their lives when accident happens. The motor cross is a very adventurous yet, dangerous sport but when you are in the race the adrenalin will surely get into you and it’s so exciting. You should watch truTV shows with caution because you might have a heart attack for it can also be violent. And also parental guidance highly recommended if your kids are watching too.


Anonymous,  September 10, 2009 at 10:56 AM  

agoy busy man diay ka dire sa tinaginting nga 60 bucks tsang...wohoooo...maau pamo ni mami Lu kay qual....wala man jud tawon sakong categ....maau gani kay akong g change ang categ ni hubby the other qual ra sya....good job tsang....hehehe...maka shopping na jud ta ani....nabawi ra nato.

Woi tuod in grabi naman ka baba diay ning imong rr dire joker kaau..parehas ta sa akong dias 700plus na didto nga mas daghan pako ug ma drop sa akong mainblog kaysa didto...tag 100plus ra akong ma drop didto...nag wonder ko nga how come baba ang rr didto kaysa akong mainblog...naunsi naman tawon...eehhehe!

anyhow, agi ko kadali kay mag drop sako...nya human mag tuon napod ang studyante diha tsang...mwah!
hope you get my email last night...:)

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