Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Web Evolution

Everybody is dependent on the Internet in one way or another especially when they search for interesting information, news, facts, and more. Existing portals and services benefit from a new found search integration that offers them more user engagement. Computer savvy or not, we have benefited from what the web has to offer, including internet surfing, and sharing the freshest, most relevant, and most interesting content available anywhere. People have evolved, the web has evolved, and so has our web experience through leapfish. Recently, LeapFish unveiled the new multi-media and real-time search, communication, and sharing platform that gives consumers the most convenient, fun, and personalized way to experience and share the traditional and real-time Web, the new Living Web. The new leapfish search experience empowers consumers with the ability to manage the two things they do most often online: search and share. I used the when I searched on travel website, and I got all the information that I wanted to have. LeapFish is an evolved search engine that captures the traditional, multi-media and real-time Web, through a single, connected search platform for both searching and sharing content. Use leapfish now when you search, and you will be satisfied with the information that you get.


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