Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Acne Treatment

It was my younger sister who got married first to an American pilot and moved here in the US in 2004. She came back home after almost a year of living here because she got bore and homesick. When she left Philippines she didn't have any pimples but when she came home from the US she had pimples already. Now, at the time I arrived here too in the US last 2007 I started to get acne on my face. I don't like putting stuff and cream on my face so my acne was gotten worse. So, I ask my sister of what treatment for acne she maintains right now. The pimple and acne in her face has cleared off already. She gave a cream for acne treatment and thank god it really helped getting rid of my acne. What are left right now are the scars but it started to look smooth.


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