Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bathroom Vanities

Snow is fun but if it too much not fun at all. There are still large amount of snow in our area and the snow on the roof top that is started to melt has form into icicle which might ruin the gutter of our house. The ceiling has already some water dripping since yesterday. We can't do anything about it because we are just renting this house. This house still looks good despite of the fact that it was built more than forty years already. It has three bed rooms, a living room, big kitchen and nice bathroom vanities to keep things in order. Our bathroom is a reflection of our personality.

Anyhow, my friend and her husband just bought a house and they are moving soon once their house is fully furnished. She was looking online a place where she can buy nice and cheap furniture for their living room and bathroom. I gave her the link of the site to where she can buy nice bathroom vanities and furniture. I'm glad I was able to help her find a good place to do her online furniture shopping.


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