Thursday, February 18, 2010

Domain Renewal

The domain of this blog will expire on May and I received emails from the site for the renewal. I got the domain name of my blog as prize from the contest I joined last year. It’s a free hosting domain which is good only for one year. I was surfing online looking for web hosting services that is cheap and came across this one site that offers budget host. Well, I am still thinking before deciding if I am going to renew the hosting or will try the budget host as it helps promote my blog and it's cheap. This budget host is also good for any business online and even personal website. It is secure, cheap and reliable for great support. This kind of web hosting service has great customer support. It can also boost the traffic of my site and in that way I don't have to advertise my blog and pay more money. After last week virus problem we had with our computer I'm afraid to use the entrecard. I know it is free and indeed helpful to get more visitors to your site but it is not safe any more. Some web sites and blogs in their system have virus and pop up advertisement which is not safe. Maybe a web hosting is the answer to my dilemma.


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