Thursday, February 25, 2010

Going Green with Compost Tumbler

I heard from the news last night that another snowstorm is expected to hit again in Pittsburgh. Oh boy! I ask Mother Nature why? We still have quiet a lot of snow on the ground from the last snowstorm that hit badly in some area in eastern part of the United States. This year is definitely the toughest winter time for since I got here. Well as a matter of fact people say this is the winter that can make history. It had not been snowing like this (2-3 feet snow) for over 20 years. In our side of the world we suffer from freezing weather and snow while in other side of the world they suffer from drought due to El NiƱo phenomenon. I guess only Mother Nature knows what she's doing.

I think it is about time to take actions and be responsible for our environment. You can make a difference by starting at your own surrounding. You can go green by making compost instead of by just throwing trash. When we throw trash it will get collected and the trash collector will just dispose it in some vacant lot. Seriously, you can buy good quality of compost tumbler if you do not have enough space in your back yard. My mother-in-law has a big backyard so she made compost and when the compost is ready she gave it to her neighbor that needs it for their flowers and garden. She also uses her compost for her hanging tomato that she usually plant and put out during spring time. Spring is almost here, start your own compost now and have a green environment.


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