Thursday, February 18, 2010

Singing Lesson

Has anyone watched the American Idol show lately? I felt bad to the group who didn't make it to Hollywood. The show is not as good as before though because of the new hosts. The audition is the only part of the show I enjoyed watching. It is fun how those kids tried their best even if they are out of tune and can't really sing just to be on television or Hollywood. We all have distinct talent that we need to discover and develop such as singing, dancing, and more. Singing is not for every body but there is a way to develop your voice if you take singing lessons. If you watch MTV you can see lots of singers who can't really sing but they have their own recording and albums. Do not get discourage if you fail once. Like what they say try and try until you succeed. If you love singing and have a passion for it, just take singing lessons. Follow your dreams and make things happens.


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