Friday, March 26, 2010

Drive Safely the common expression or statement we always say to our friends and family when they drive long or short distance trip. When you plan of going for a road trip do you check your car condition before hitting the road? My husband does to make sure we are safe and avoid any car breakdown. He checked the engine, tires, water pump and make sure to have full tank of gas. That last 9 hours drive going to Chicago last Thanksgiving we used my mother-in-law's car. She has 5 years old car that runs smoothly and she takes it to the shop every once in a while for maintenance. When we were in Chicago my SIL drove us to see the downtown Chicago using her car. They have nice car and she mention Chicago auto repair shop where they take their car. If you live in the place that has four seasons there is tendency to see problems with your car every now and then. That happens a lot to our car since we are living in the Eastern part of the US. I should say car is a high maintenance possession and yet very necessary vehicle that take us to our work and destination. Anyhow, If you have interest in cars specifically Toyota check out the cool Toyota Corolla at and read the reviews, recalls, rating and common problems before buying it. Drive Safely everyone!

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