Thursday, March 4, 2010

Get Entertained

That last Thanksgiving we spent at Chicago was truly a blast. We stayed at my Paula's house (my sister-in-law) with her wonderful family and spent a nice five days vacation. They have huge three story house with a wide back yards. They have three boys and each one of them has their own computer in their bedrooms. They have library section, music room, and entertainment centers to get their family and friends entertained. Honestly, I really don't think my husband and I can afford that kind of luxury. Chicago down town was twice as big as Pittsburgh down town. I love their place with lots of shopping place and museums to enjoy. That was my first time in the windy city. They took us to the museum close by their homes and gave us a tour in the University of Chicago where both of them are teaching. The 9 hours drive was all worth it because I had so much fun during that trip. I'm sure it will take a long while before us able to go back to their place.


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