Saturday, March 20, 2010

Save Energy

We are just renting this house we are living right now. This house was built almost 100 years and according to the neighbors this house was one of the original house erected in this street that's why our house number is 1(one). When we first moved in here last summer we did not have problem with the electricity bills because even if it's hot outside the inside is cool. So, during the fall and winter that's when we started getting bigger electricity bills. We started using our portable space heater at the middle of fall season and during winter we used the house thermostat and couple of space heater at night. Our electricity bills went up to couple of hundreds and that was not good to our budget. My husband tried to lower the temperature of our thermostat when we go to bed, and when we go out. He also turns the space heater half way instead of full. By doing this kind of thing everyday and every night we noticed a little bit changes with our electricity bills. It went down to almost two hundred bucks now. Make sure to turn off your home appliances when you are not using it. These tips would help save energy. Energy saving will save money as well as saves the environment. However, if you want to know some tips on how save energy and save money you should check out Microsoft-hohm beta and sign up for free energy saving tips. Hohm is a free web service that helps you understand your home energy use and how to be more energy-efficient. It is very easy just sign up for a free account and complete details about your home and you can have a customized home energy report and energy-saving recommendations from Hohm Center. You also learn tips from them that will help saves your energy. Check out how much money you could save, then sign up to get your personalized energy report and savings tips today!


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