Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stone Sinks

I was born and grow up in the Philippines and enjoyed most of my youths in the country. My father worked as a private security in Del Monte runs by American at that time. The house we lived in back then was built in wood with the designed and sizes the same with the others. All houses in our neighborhood were uniforms except for the paints. It has 2 bedrooms with small living room connected to the kitchen and an outhouse as the bathroom 10 feet away from our house. Life back then was just so simple in many ways. We didn't even have nice kitchen sink and other modern furniture and appliances. As the years passed by most of the things are becoming modernized and technology became high. My mother spent few bucks to buy materials to extend our house then everything looked different. From a kitchen sink that made out of bamboo to aluminum kitchen sink. Now, there are stainless kitchen sinks and stone sinks. Frankly speaking this is my first time to hear and learn about stone sink. If you ever wonder what a stone sink may look like visit the link provided and perhaps find the one you like to buy for your kitchen makeover project. In my opinion the stone sinks will add elegance to your kitchen as it really looks different and unique from other type of kitchen sinks that we grew up. So, why don't you check it out now and give it a try.


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