Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dinner Time

I don't understand what it is with pork and chicken why most men love it. My father doesn't eat vegetables and so is my husband. They prefer meat and the fatty part of the pork and chicken thigh are their favorite parts to gobble especially my husband. Lately, I was tired fixing food for dinner so we order out unhealthy food. Then the other day, my husband requested for chicken again so I surf online looking for chicken recipe besides frying. He already lost weight this past days and that is very good for his diet since he has blood pressure. Anyhow, while I was searching for recipe I came across hcg diet recipes which is very useful to those who wants to lose a pound of fat everyday. I showed to my husband the site and had him read the reviews. The review sounds good but he is maintaining prescription pills and rather sticks to his own way of diet. So, I continued my surfing and found a healthy recipe at last.


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