Thursday, April 1, 2010

Glowing Look

I am not a beauty conscious kind of girl and I also don't like putting make up on. Yes, I used pressed power to cover those blemishes and other imperfection in my face. I came from the tropical country of the Philippines and the weather there is mostly sunny so I had to use the best day cream I know to protect my skin from the sun and polluted air. That cream may not be the best for any body because it was just an ordinary cream which I can apply easily before putting powder on my face to bring out that glowing look when I go to work. Now that I am married I hardly used the cream or moisturizer that my sister gave me. My skin when I came here in the US has tremendously changed. It looks so dry and has pimple marks and white heads every where. I am not that curious with my look but I feel the need to get a day cream that nourishes my skin and bring that glowing look again.


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