Sunday, April 4, 2010

I Want to Wear This

I want to wear custom tshirt like this one in the right picture. That looks really cute for sixteen years old and perfect for gift to any of your friend or niece that celebrating her sweet 16. If I am sixteen I would surely wear this one but now that I am once 16 it doesn't fit in my face and personality I think. Honestly, I still have and been wearing my shirt that has print on it like "I'm with the stupid". Every time I wear that shirt my husband would stay away from me. I like collecting t-shirt that has funny print on it. I also like sports tshirts that has catchy prints and logo. I just love wearing t-shirt with cute prints, it make me feel young and cool.
Are you familiar with swagbucks? It is a site that offers free item with swagbucks and you will earn the swagbucks by searching using their toolbar. Anyway, recently they had a promo with their item which you can swag a custom tshirt for 900 SB. So, I did and now I am waiting for the t-shirt to get on the mail. Then, last month I also got a t-shirt that has a cute print on it (picture on the left). Click the picture and you will read the print on it. Aint that cute? I love it. Actually, you can buy t-shirt online and have it printed the way you want it. If you want to have more ideas for the print you want check out the designs in Death by T-Shirt. For me I prefer t-shirt that has print already. There are tons of funny logo and slogan in most custom t-shirt and it's very cheap. I'm going to look for my little rascals that they can wear this spring or summer. Below is my lil buckaroo wearing his super cute t-shirt that has cute and sweet print on it.


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