Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vitamins for My Man

My husband always complains how tired he is from working and his body is always sore. He is still forty...ish something years old and not that old to complain because it is his job to provide for his family. So, I look online for vitamins for men that he could take to give him energy and stay healthy. I think sometimes tiredness is a psychological because if you don't think that you are tired you don't actually feel that you’re tired. He is just making alibis to get out from his promises in taking us out. He just prefers to sit right in front of the TV and watch sports and other shows. In other words he is just lazy to go out. He had vitamins but he is not taking it I do not know why. I still have to buy new vitamin for my man that he would like to drink and will stop complaining.


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