Monday, April 5, 2010

Wordpress Templates

The big G has updated the page ranks this month and I am so happy with the result. All my blogs got page ranks and the new ones got at least page rank 1. I couldn't ask for more with that, thanks big G. I am also glad that my other blog that is still down right now for the domain transfer got rank 2. The reason why I transferred my domain to other web hosting is because I am thinking of importing my blog to word press. I have heard that word press has a powerful tool with robust features including a plug-in and a templating system. There are tons of premium wp themes and huge free themes collection that you can find right now and ready for download. If you visit WP Rex you will find 1 column, 2 columns or 3 columns or even 4 columns of wordpress templates with neat design that you might like. They have huge collection of Word Press themes with a graphical and textual preview so you can see the actual look plus sorting and search feature as well. So, check out their latest wordpress themes ready for download. Another great thing with wordpress as it is friendly user fully supported in both the Track back and Ping back standards that will notify search engines and other top blogging services through the use of Ping. You will get rank with Google quickly with word press. So, if you like to blog in word press platform, press the link provided to find premium templates or wordpress themes.


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