Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lost – Homecoming Episode

In the middle of season one of the popular cable television series "Lost" viewers are introduced to a mysterious character. The character goes by the name of Ethan and no one is really sure where he came from. Survivors soon find out that Ethan was never actually on the plan and that he originated on the island. Latter on Ethan abducts Claire and Charlie for no apparent reason. As Jack, Kate, Locke, and Boone are tracking them through the jungle Jack is attacked by Ethan. Ethan explains to Jack that if they do not stop following him he will kill one of kidnapped survivors. Jack refuses to give up and soon finds Charlie hanging from a tree. All attempts to find Claire have failed until one day she comes stumbling out of the jungle with an apparent case of amnesia.

Claire's return is somewhat mysterious. They cannot figure why Ethan would let her go or even why he wanted her to begin with. As I was watching this episode on satellite TV last night I was surprised to find out that Ethan never let Claire go. He now wants Charlie to bring her back to him. He attacks Charlie and tells him that if he does not bring her back he will start to kill the other survivors until he does.

Claire seems to have no knowledge of anything that happened up until she got on the plane. This is very frustrating for viewers because it opens up all kinds of new questions. After Ethan kills one of the survivors, even though they were trying hard to keep an eye out for intruders, they decided to use Claire as bate to capture Ethan.

Special post by Jamie Dorman


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