Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make You Work Efficient

It was few weeks ago when I heard from my friend that they were busy with the paper works at school. This is part of the teacher’s job every time the school year ended. They were busy making grades, checking forms and reading the forms. These are the job I missed back home. I remember during my first year of teaching when I write grades manually including my name for signature in the report card and form 18E. It was a pain in the neck doing such but then the next year I used rubber stamps for the date, name and principal name to all the paper works that needed to be checked and submitted at the end of the school year. It made my work more efficient and had it done in no time. I just missed those times and teaching kids. Next month classes will start again and I'm sure teachers are busy with their seminars and enrollment. Teaching is indeed a noble job that requires dedication and patience. They only had few weeks to enjoy the summer and then back to work again. They deserve a raise for all their hard work.


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