Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not His Thing

My husband is a smoker but he doesn't smoke cigars. Smoking cigar is not my husband's thing. He tried cigars but he prefers cigarette because it was cheaper I guess. I already stop smoking before but because of too much stress and smoking helps relieved his stress temporarily. I really don't like him smoking because we have kids around that can smell the smoke coming out from his cigarette. I think he is already addicted to it because he tried to quit twice but didn't succeed. I hate the smell of the smoke from the cigarettes; I prefer the smoke from cigars. Speaking of cigars I have to tell my sister that I found a link that sells macanudo cigars. It is a good kind of cigars and America's most-requested premium cigar. Her husband smokes cigars and like buying cigars online. He can buy good kind of cigars in this website.


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