Monday, May 31, 2010

Shopping Online is Fast and Easy

This is a guest post by Cynthia Major

I recently went out to find a gift for my daughter. Shopping has always been a hassle but I don't think I realized how much of a hassle it has really become until I went out this most recent time. Dealing with shopping crowds and even worse, shopping lines, was not something I took very kindly to. I went out on a Saturday at 9AM for one singular gift, and I did not return home until 6PM that evening. I visited two, count them two stores while I was gone.

This ordeal got me thinking; "There has to be an easier way to shop." I of course am a little behind in the technology times, but I realized that all my friends and family do there shopping online. I never hear them complaining about lines or crowds. At the very least, they will mention that an item is out of stock, but that problem is easily resolved by visiting a different online store, or by simply waiting a few days for more stock to arrive. Once I visited and ordered internet access, my shopping has become fun.

I recently made a purchase online at Best Buy -, and my experience could not have been better. I found exactly what I was looking for within ten minutes. After adding the item to my cart and filling out my payment info, I was done! I went from spending an entire day in two locations, fighting crowds and lines, to spending a total of fifteen minutes on I can honestly say that from this point on, I will take care of all my shopping needs online with my hughs net satellite internet. Customer service is faster, there is always service center help available, and clicking a few buttons is way easier than fighting crowds and lines for 12 hours. Christmas, here I come!


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