Friday, June 4, 2010

Need to Lose Weight

We went to Slippery Rock this afternoon to help out Mary from her compost. The kids were having fun playing at her backyard. Jake was a happy helper picking up the sticks and put them in the compost. After we did the compost we hanged out at the porch in her house. She's been watching me and out of curiosity she popped out the question if I am pregnant. I said no, it is just the fats that are showing off because i was wearing a white tight blouse. If I get pregnant she will be the first one who gets upset. And I don't want to get pregnant anymore. Having two adorable kids is enough. She was relieved with the answer. She always sees me as skinny not with fat belly hanging around. I really need to find weight loss products that would work on me. We had a bike ride last weekend and I still need more bike rides this summer as exercise. That will help me lose the extra pounds. Aside from bike rides I need to do more walking and regular exercise. As a matter of fact, my husband needs that exercise as well. He gained weight lately and Mary noticed it last weekend. He has high blood pressure and his doctor suggested him to stay on diet and keep healthy. We both need to lose extra weight.


Karen Chayne June 4, 2010 at 10:53 PM  

wahuhuhu! daghan na jud ta ani sis!

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