Monday, July 5, 2010

Damages from Snowstorm

Last winter was said to be the worst winter ever because of the snow. The snowstorm that hit in most part in the east had cause some havoc to lots of houses and buildings. The snow during that time was like history. Most people said that the last time they experience heavy snowstorm was 20 years ago. The school was suspended for a week or so because the road were all covered with snow. After that tremendous snowstorm, the snow form into such big icicle. Heavy icicle had cause terrible damage to some houses in our neighborhood. Their gutter fell off and broke some electric wiring. In our house it was the ceiling got affected. Those houses where the gutter broke could use some help from gutter Asheville NC. This company is expert in fixing your gutter problem and find solution to it. This is the kind of company we need to help bring our home back to life.


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