Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was kind of hot and relaxing kind of fun. The weather this past days had been extremely hot. It was humid and hot that it makes you want to take a dip in a cold water. Anyhow, even it it was hot and humid last Thursday we still went to the park because my dragons were tired of staying inside the house already. Jake made a decision to get into the car and Justine seconded that decision by crying if I sit on front of the computer. She kept pointing to the door or to the window with baby talk like she wants to go out now. So, we went to the park, and spent few minutes and had them play in the playground.

Then Saturday, we went to Slippery Rock to hang out with Granma. We drove 1 hour going there and good thing there wasn't any traffic. We just hang out and Mary fix the sprinkler so these two dragons can experience a different fun. The sprinkle was from her other grand kids in New York that they left it there. They used that same sprinkle when they were little. Grandma always have fun stuff for these two dragon. She has chalk for them to play on the front walk, ball and other stuff.

Then we ordered out for dinner and drove back home at 6:00 in the evening. 6:00 0 clock here still have lights out until 8:00 i think.
How about you guys, how was your weekend?


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