Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travelling with a Baby and a Toddler

Travelling with a Baby and a Toddler is never easy. You need to organized everything so the trip will go smoothly and avoid any possible delays and stress as well. You need to bring different material and toys to keep the kids busy and occupied. Food, snacks or anything to munch on for the kids are very important because they become monster when they are hungry. Let them have to have a good sleep before the trip so they won't get tired, and over stimulated during the whole duration of your flight.

So far, our trip to NYC was considered great. It was not perfect but it was great enough for us not to get stress during the plane ride, check in, check out and more. That trip was Justine's first plane ride and she did a good job. We got up early and went to the airport early to have more time just in case of traffic, delays, or any other circumstances. We got lucky to catch the Shuttle bus from where we parked our car to the airport check in area. We checked in 1 big suit case, and two car seat while carry a small carry on, a stroller and our bag and purse. We paid additional $25 for the car seat though.

Moreover, on our plane trip back to Pittsburgh went smoothly as well. Carrying both car seat was a pain in a neck but we made it through the day. As usual, we went to the airport early, and checked in our stuff so we don't have to carry more heavy stuff. I am proud of Jake and Justine they were such a good baby on the plane. Jake enjoyed watching the plane while waiting almost an hour or two for our flight to Pittsburgh. And so was Justine, she enjoyed walking around the airport and following Jake around. As long as you have the food for them whenever they get hungry the trip should be fine.

Overall that was a very good trip and wonderful experience for us. The next plane ride that my kids will have to experience would be a long hour flight to the Philippines in God time. Traveling with a baby and a toddler is never been easy but you can find ways to atleast listen the pressure and avoid any major problems or tantrums perhaps.


kathy July 30, 2010 at 2:30 PM  

Sus sis! Ka-swerte nimo kay imong mga kids behave kau! Ako ani kuyaw-kuyawan na kng fifi oi! wish me luck sis, kay dli rba gyud ni mgpa-buot akong gamay'ng anghel. Unya daghan kau mi bitbit, ambroot lng!!! Pray n lng ko ani nga dli magpabadlung ning isa kay luoy gyud among matapad.. hehhehehe... Pila rba ka-oras ilang pag-antos dayon! ahahhaha.. kita gyud ko'g away ani bah!
I expect the worse n lng jud sis kay si fifi gi-ngipon kron, so cge poo poo, unya naa na sya rash sa iya sampot.. luoy kaau... sana madala sa butt paste ug cornstarch before mi manglupad!
Kiss justine and Jake for me n lng! Muah!

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