Monday, August 23, 2010

Sisters without borders

Guest post written by Debra Thurmond

One of the hardest parts about becoming an adult was living separately from my two sisters. We all shared a room growing up and despite our occasional bickering, I learned just how much I enjoyed their company after I moved away to college.

Now none of us even live in the same state, but we’re still located in the South so visiting isn’t such a hassle. I chat with each one at least once a week on Skype or over the phone, although Skype is so much more enjoyable and free! Last week I told Barb about my visit to miracle ear raleigh and how I had just bought hearing aids. She told me that she had actually been researching miracle ear hearing aids atlanta a few days ago.

I thought it was a funny coincidence and told our other sister Sarah about it. She also happened to be in the market for hearing aids and she told me later that after our chat she researched hearing aids miracle ear columbus.

Even though we’ve lived apart for years, we’re still obviously on the same point in life together in this and many other ways.


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