Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2nd floor walk up

Guest post written by Brent Simpson

I was really excited to find my new place after having to trek up five flights of stairs because I would only have to go up one flight of stairs now. But, I think that my girlfriend was even more excited about it.

Plus, it was in a nicer neighborhood in my old apartment so I decided to put a little more effort into it overall. I found a some 4g CLEAR wimax deals and signed up for one so I wouldn't have to worry about an unreliable internet service like at my old place.

I also splurged and actually bought a new couch for the apartment. My girlfriend helped me pick it out so it actually looked like it belonged there. She also helped me decorate and pick out some curtains that went with the couch.

But she also used a lot of stuff that I already had to decorate and changed other things to match. Like, she took the pillows from my old couch and made covers for them to match my new one.


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