Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vegas expert

Guest post written by Eddie Heston

I've been to Las Vegas so many times that I'm kind of an expert about everything. I've been to all the casinos, been to a lot of the shows and know where the best all you can eat buffets are. So I decided to take one of my friends who had never been there before because he needed to have a good time anyway. He's just started to go through a bad divorce and definitely needed to have a little fun.

I told him to just give me 48 hours in Vegas and we would have a whole lot of fun. But when we were there I was having a lot of trouble hearing what he was saying. Then he told me that maybe I should think about getting some hearing aids. I didn't think about it then but just kept on eating my peel and eat shrimp. Then later I thought about it again and looked up some hearing aid reviews on my smart phone. Then I made sure to schedule a hearing test for when I got back home after our trip.

But I let him concentrate on having fun instead of hearing about my hearing problems. I think those few days is just what he needed.


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