Friday, November 26, 2010

The American Dream: Winning!

You know what everybody thinks when they come to America? While the languages that this thought comes in have all sorts of literal and not so literal translations, the overall gist translates to, "All right! I'm here! Hmm, now what do I do?" In a lot of cases, an immigrant gets off the boat (or out of the plane . . . or off the plane if they really like the wind) with no particular skills to speak of. And that can lead to a little bit of trouble, since people who barely speak the language find it hard to get the really good jobs. When you have kids, it is even worse.

Fortunately, there is the classically American way of boot strapping your way to the highest parts of any endeavor. You guys have a habit of doing things until you get them right, like Thomas Edison and his many thousands of light bulb designs. If I end up failing at something thousands of times, I won't let it bother me — those are just a few thousand ideas that weren't meant to be, nothing personal against me. This is the same spirit that you guys take into your sports, much to the chagrin of your international opponents. And I absolutely love that about America!

One thing I've been getting into a little bit lately is going to sports betting sites. While it is possible to get too much of a good thing (if you bet more than you could afford to lose), it is also a fun way to make a little bit of money on the side. While nothing is perfect, and nobody wins all the time, I have found that it is an extremely fun way to pass a little bit of time. And in some cases, I actually win some cash, just by watching a sporting event that is suddenly even more fun to watch.


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