Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fix the gutter to safeguard your house

Pittsburgh, West Virginia and other places in the Eastern part of the US had tremendously affected by that big snowstorm that hit last winter. Our house was one of the many house that got damage. A big piece of icicle was formed on top of our rooftop because the snow. It ruined our ceiling when that ice melted down. Good thing it didn't make some damage to our gutter compared to other houses. My friend's house in West Virginia had their gutter fell off from the roof because of the icicle. It had been almost 20 years then since the last time this place experienced that kind of snow. It was considered a history. Meanwhile, winter is here. Let us prepared our house from any disaster like snowstorm. Contact Gutters Richmond to have your gutter fixed and safeguard your house. Check out LeafGuard as the only one-piece seamless debris shedding gutter on the market today and offer expert services in Richmond and Central Virginia. We do not know what to expect this winter. So, it's better to be prepared than sorry.


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