Friday, November 26, 2010

The Love of Flowers

I am sure I am like most Americans in that I love the springtime part of the year. Everyone always talks about April showers will bring May flowers and it is actually true. For me my favorite flowers come in the form of designs on my clothing. I guess you can sort of say I have a certain fetish for it.

Every birthday someone in my family usually gives me something with a flower design or symbol on it. My kitchen is bright yellow and has sunflower designs strategically placed all around the room. I also have quite the green thumb. I’ve won the garden of the year award in our neighborhood for three years going now, and am hoping to win it a forth year, fingers crossed.

I suppose this love for flowers came from helping my mother and grandmother in their gardens. From the time I was three years old I always worked in one garden or another, so I guess you could say it is in my blood.

I’ve tried to get my children interested in gardening and most of them showed some interest for a while, but with things such as video games that got their attentions, they soon lost interest in gardening.

Last Christmas I saw something really interesting on the web in the form of handbags. When I visited the web I found these amazing flowered handbags that I just fell in love with. These handbags had the richest, brightest colors imaginable. They have flowers of all colors; orange, white, blue, yellow and some with gorgeous butterflies. I bought myself and each of my girls one of the purses and they loved them too. My kids may not love gardening like I do but at least they will enjoy these flowers.


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