Friday, November 26, 2010

Making Your Goals Attainable

Every year people make resolutions for the next year of their life. It's an important time to be able to reset the button and get your life back on track. But something happens not too long after you make those promises to yourself. You end up going back to the same habits and patterns that caused you to make the changes in the first place. So if you are determined to make positive changes and have them stick, here are great ways to start off on the right foot this time around.

Like with any goal that you hope to achieve you must first make sure that the goal is attainable. Giving yourself the goal of losing 20 pounds in a year is a rather easily achievable goal, but losing 100 in a year might be a little harder to do. This doesn't mean you should be discouraged from setting either one of those goals but know that the bigger it is the harder it is and the easier it can become derailed.

The next thing is to give yourself a goal and to set that goal with a reward. Perhaps you decide that if you do lose the twenty pounds that you will reward yourself with a TW Steel watch. Giving yourself something to work toward will go a long way in keeping you on those goals.

Making your goals isn't about making it hard work on yourself. Your goals should be about having fun as well. So set a goal that will be fun to stick to. Decide that you want to go out somewhere fun at least once a week. Decide that you want to use your new beginning in a positive way and not just for important personal change. You can achieve your goals if you are smart about them.


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