Friday, November 26, 2010

Organizer, Sexy Costumes and Other Solutions to Family Relationships

I think the hardest chore in a household is just trying to keep the peace in family life. I certainly find it harder than doing laundry or raking the yard. Like most things, it is impossible to have a picture perfect family, yet that's what most parents try to create. I find that highly unrealistic and instead think it better to concentrate on family relationships to find a little familial piece of mind.

One major relationship every family is involved in is with the outside world. This includes work, school, events, etc. It is obviously the most hectic relationship of them all. One creative solution to making this relationship work in a family is an organizer that each member of the family can share. This way everyone can make arrangements in their personal schedules and better plan their time together.

Within the family, the relationship starts between the parents and the children. Parents should learn real quick that that old saying, "Because I said so!", isn't very effective. Instead, think of the relationship with your children as a two way street. In most cases, it's okay to make a deal and in the process solidify that relationship. I think any relationship needs compromises rather than demands.

However, the bulk of disruptions in family life stem from the relationship between husband and wife. It is a relationship that branches out to all aspects of family life. It can also be the most tricky of the bunch to resolve. It helps if both of you make a pact to be creative in supporting each other. Think about it: how can family life be efficient if the two in charge can't work together? Some problems in the relationship might arise from loss of romance. Try simple solutions from exciting evening getaways or sexy costumes. For other issues, spouses can be pleasantly surprised by how much just talking can help.


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