Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Pittsburgh Zoo And Aquarium

This guest post from Errol Chang

My family really enjoys going to the Pittsburgh Zoo And Aquarium but before we go, we make sure that we sent our home security alarm from This is one of the best aquariums that we have ever been too. We especially like being able to touch the jellyfish. While you might think that they would be scary for a child, you should see how many children are gathered around the tank waiting to check them out. These jellyfish are really cool to touch too. They feel rather smooth and silky, not slimy like you would expect for them to be. Of course, the jellyfish may be the main attraction but there are a lot of other great things to see there as well. Almost any type of fish you would like to see is there. However, not only will you find a lot of great fish and many different types of sharks but the penguins are also kept within the aquarium as well. They are a real blast to watch, sliding around in the snow on their bellies and swimming over the top of your head. You really won't go wrong by taking the time to visit this great aquarium.


Lulu Post November 11, 2010 at 5:23 PM  

You have been to Pittsburgh Zoo right?

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