Thursday, December 2, 2010

A review for Gruene Steam Cleaner - Multi Purpose Cleaner

Maintaining the cleanliness and organization in the house is part of every housewife's job. The never ending chores and responsibility in keeping the place clutter free can be a tiring job at times. Sometimes, I give up in picking after my kids toys every now and then. I just let them play at it the whole day and clean it up by the end of the day. There are times also that I don't feel like cleaning as we do not have the cleaning facilities that we can use in cleaning the floor. We used wet cloth and clean the floor by hand. I'm glad my husband helps me out in cleaning the kitchen floor and that leaves me in charge of the bathroom floor, sink, toilet and bath tub. Brushing the the dirt that stuck in the tiles grout and floor is a painstaking chores. I bought a mop before but it never did or does a good job on our floor.

One day, I received a package on the mail. It was a Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner by Austin Baccus Company that does Multi-purpose job. It has been my dream to have my own steam cleaners that I could use in cleaning both our kitchen and bathroom floor. Indeed a blessing for us especially for me that makes my cleaning job easy and convenient in a lot of ways. I excitedly assembled the machine and tried it onto our bathroom floor and bathroom sink. Oh, yeah! What a package I would say! I love the steam mop as it really steamed out in just a matter of seconds and cleaned the bathroom floor really quick. The steam cleaner comes with complete utility tool called the attachment caddy which you can store on and off the machine. It has 10 pieces of attachment set such as hose, nozzle extension, wire brush, scraper, direct nozzle, large brush, squeegee and garment attachment. Each of these tools can clean anything hard or light job. You can even use the garment attachment on mattresses and wrinkled clothes. The shark steam mop is comes with mop pad, hardwood floor cleaning pad, carrying strap, and optional towel as a bonus in which you can use for mirror and other stuff. Gruene steam cleaner is a 2 in 1 steam mop and steam cleaner. The different cleaning attachment mentioned will be attach in the steam cleaner to clean tile, grout, mirror and other places. I used it to clean bathroom sink. No doubt about it, it's indeed can clean tough dirt. Now we have squeaky clean bathroom sink as well as kitchen sink. Most importantly, Gruene Dual Steam Cleaner is Eco-Friendly products which is very good to the environment. No harmful fumes or residue comes out from the steam because you can use either distilled or demineralized water instead of tap water. No toxic chemicals, it sanitize all surfaces, saves water and to top it all the steam is natures disinfectant. You can also save money with the pads as you can use any type of towel or pad in replacing it. The towel included in the products is a reusable microfiber cloth so it's a machine washable. Overall, I am satisfied, happy and excited with my new shark steam mop and steam cleaner. For more information and details about the product, check out


Chubskulit Rose December 3, 2010 at 9:59 AM  

Wahhhh pagkahaba nitong post lol..

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