Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Crowd Control Keep the People In Line

Have you been to a live concert in one of the famous local bands in your area? I experienced to watch a live concert one time when I was still single. It was one of the popular rock band in the country. The security did not put something to barricades the area but instead they stood few feet away from the stage to keep the people not to come near the performing stage. It was a free concert presentation as part of the celebration or Mardi Gras in that place. At first people were so clam because the show haven't started yet. The band played in the last part of the program. As soon as the band was playing the crowd started getting ballistic and crazy. They started running towards the stage to get a close look of their favorite bands. I was in front of that concert and i had to squeezed myself out from that crowd otherwise I'll get suffocate. That was lack of management on the part of the organizer in terms of crowd control. They can't control the crowd with just few security standing in front the stage. Crowd Control is very important in keeping people in line or the crowd in order. If you organize activity like concert, and political events you should buy crowd control products. This is use to help people stay in lines at the bank, for concerts, political events, at the grocery store and anywhere someone needs an orderly line.

Other items you might need in keeping the crowd under control is stanchions. Stanchions are standard way to control the crowd and keeping them in line. There are retractable belts, velvet rope and more ways being developed all the time. You can even have printing done on the belts. The use of barricades can be also useful crowd control. Barricades are for traffic control, security and privacy. There are fence barricades, traffic cones, pipe and drape walls, and other. Traffic cones are used by people who are doing road construction. Believe it or not our next door neighbor who was a fireman before used traffic cones and place then in his spot every time he leaves. No one will think of parking his spot because of the traffic cones. Very clever eh! So, if you are looking for the following items mentioned above, then click the link provided.


♥♥ Willa ♥♥ February 2, 2011 at 9:04 PM  

Tagal ko ng di nakagawa ng opp sna ito ah, :D

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