Friday, February 25, 2011

Luxurious Cigar

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In my opinion, cigars are for people with class or someone who can afford to buy Davidoff cigars that cost over 80 bucks for a pack. This is one of the world's finest luxury cigars produced by the Davidoff Family of Geneva, Switzerland. It has refined aroma and quality brand that gives pleasure, relaxation and happiness to those cigars aficionado. Every time I see or hear cigars, the first person came to mind is my BIL. He smoke cigars and so is most of his pilot friends. They enjoy the pleasure of cigars while hanging out in some expensive bar. The first time we went to visit Las Vegas, they introduced us to few of their friends. My husband is an old school kind of person. They offered him couple of cigars but he refused because he prefers the cheaper cigarettes than cigars.


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