Saturday, February 19, 2011

Natural Acne Solution

Is there such thing as natural acne treatments as solutions to acne problem? I do not know if those pimples I got when I was pregnant with my first born was considered acne as they look more like acne than pimples. The only difference was I never had skin break outs but I did have big and red pimples with pus in it. My sister even teased me that the first thing she noticed on my face was the gross pus in my forehead. Meanwhile, what natural acne treatment you applied to you acne problem. In my case before, I did not apply anything to my face as it was just part of hormonal imbalance and pregnancy. Thankfully, it cleared off after I gave birth. Moreover, if you have problem with acne and would want to know some natural treatment to get rid of it then go to that link above and read reviews of natural acne products.


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