Monday, March 14, 2011

Cold weather doesn't mean bad fashion

Guest post written by Nancy Olsen

I have a huge puffy jacket like lots of other people, but the thing about mine is that it's strictly for skiing and playing out in the snow with my kids. I don't let myself wear it any other time because I have a pea coat that's way too cute to not wear. Plus, when i put on my pea coat, even if I just wear jeans and a T-shirt underneath, I feel like I look so chic and pulled together.

Plus, I also get lots of compliments on it from people whenever I wear it. But I wanted a cute new winter hat to go along with my coat and it's been so cold lately that I thought it would be good to do that anyway. While I was online looking at winter hats, I came across the website CLEARWIRELESSINTERNET.NET and decided to switch over my home internet service to the company.

Some cold weather fashion tips that I picked up online when I was looking through hats was that a quick way to wear a winter hat without doing your hair is to put your hair in a ponytail and tuck it into a knit hat. I'm going to use that trick a couple of times this season.


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