Saturday, March 5, 2011

Health Insurance

Has the weather been good to you or were you able to fight off the colds or the flu? Thankfully. my family and I have been spared from being sick for the past couple of months. But still I'm thankful that we all have health insurance.

I pity those that lost their medical insurance or those that don't seem to think it's important. During the times of need, they really have to shell out money out of their pockets every time they need to go to the ER of for check ups. Luckily though it's not one of those days that everyone goes paranoid because of a certain sickness like when the AH1N1 virus spread a couple of years back.

I still think however that everybody gets some kind of coverage even cheap health insurance for emergency cases. Sometimes it always pays to be prepared. We never know when a new strain of virus or disease attacks again.


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