Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My heart goes out to you

What happened in Japan can happen anywhere. I am thankful that all my family and friends all over the world were kept safe during the catastrophe. I pray that the families of those who passed away during the earthquake and tsunami find peace and strength from the rest of their families. The tsunami have killed too many lives and right now most people in the affected area are still searching for missing bodies of their family. Those who survive are still having problem with food supply, radiation and other stuff. I really hope and pray that all these misfortune will be over so people will find the peace of mind and able to relax.

I also hope that those who survived stay strong and move on. I know there may be those that survived but have suffered some form of disability. Hopefully they get the support, financially, emotionally and psychologically, that they deserve and if not, that they find those that can help with their disability appeal.


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