Friday, March 4, 2011

Nursing School and Online Shopping

I have a friend who was my room mate, co-teacher and closest friend back in the Philippines who came here in the US last 2008. We keep our communication open but we seldom talk over the phone because she is busy. She is back to school pursuing her nursing degree and at the same time working in Walmart. She did not finished her nursing degree in the Philippines because she shifted course to Education. Just like me, I have no plans of apply for teaching job here in the US. I know it's easy for her to find nurses uniforms when she will be done schooling because her sister in Chicago is also a nurse. But, I am still thinking of giving her a gift that she might find useful in the future.

Do you know that buying nursing uniforms and other medical related uniforms is not a problem anymore? Search it online and you see different results depending on the item or topic you search. Online have tons of different shopping store where you can find everything you need and yet hard to find in your nearest department store or mall. Online shopping is what most people does these days, it's more convenient and you can shop whatever you want at the comfort of your own personal computer.


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