Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work from Home?

How I wish that sometimes my husband can work from home. I know that he is very dedicated to his job, and I understand why, because he needs to support us. But sometimes I see that it’s taking a toll on him and I feel sad when he tries his best to still spend time with the kids even if I know he’s dead tired from work.

Sometimes I’m thinking if it would be possible for him to just do his work from home and attend his meetings through a conference call online. I know a lot of people nowadays and I’m hoping that option will be available for my husband soon. This is just a wishful thinking. He has online class and even that, he needs to go to school to meet up with his online students. The only time he can relax is summer vacation and school break. However, he still considered his job as the best one compared to other job anywhere despite of the fact that he is so exhausted when he comes home from work.


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