Monday, April 25, 2011

Book Promotion: Suplado Tips by Stanley Chi

The humor book Suplado Tips, written by Stanley Chi, takes humor to a new level as it regales readers with witticisms that revolve around one conviction: suplado is the new sexy.

Stanley Chi, a celebrated humorist, is the man behind that notorious idea. Suplado Tips, Chi’s fourth book, is a compilation of smart-alecky tips on how to assert oneself with an air of cockiness. One suplado tip advises, “Kung may nagtampo sayo dahil na-sampolan mo ng supladong hirit, hiritan mo ng, ‘Hindi ko na problema yan!’ (If someone resents you for your snide retort, just say, ‘That’s no longer my problem!’)”

“Many people dream of sticking it to their bosses or giving someone they hate a nasty remark or two, but they often resort to doing none of the above. Filipinos tend to be non-confrontational, avoiding conflicts as much as they can. Suplado Tips is the funny respite that people with a grudge have been looking for,” Chi said.

Suplado Tips has spurred on a series of video testimonials, all of which hailed the book in comical embroidery. Ramon Bautista, a TV celebrity and a host of the former radio show, The Brewrats, gave the first testimonial. “Simula nung tinuruan ako ni Stanley Chi na maging suplado, nawala ang ubo ko (Ever since Stanley Chi taught me how to be stuck-up, my cough disappeared),” Bautista said in the video with pokerfaced wit. Obviously meant as a comical testament, Bautista went on to describe how being suplado has gained him more fans and stalkers, and how it eventually cured his skin problems. (Bautista also stepped up later on to write the book’s foreword.) Since then, many other celebrities have given their own hilarious accounts of how Suplado Tips has helped them, some of which were not entirely fictional.

Suplado Tips, Chi’s newest venture into humor, is now available online through and may also be purchased from all National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets nationwide (unless it has already sold out).

For more information on Stanley Chi’s Suplado Tips and to embark on your own journey towards “supladoness”, visit

*Article by Stefanie dela Cruz; distributed by Alma Jones. Alma Jones is also promoting the ix web hosting discount coupon and go to meeting discount codes.


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