Friday, April 22, 2011

A new passion

Over chat the other day, one of my mommy friends from back home mentioned that she wanted to take an additional course, in Cosmetology. I really didn’t know the whole thing behind cosmetology so I asked her more about it. Recently, she’s been addicted to make ups, hair products and even some skin products. I don’t really remember her wearing her make up on most of the time but she said her “appreciation” for it started when one of her other friends kind of gave her a tutorial on how to put them on and what are the best colors or blends to complement her skin type and features.

Since then she has been getting compliments on how different she looked and some of her relatives even wanted her to do makeovers for them. That’s when she thought of looking for cosmetology schools to get a formal diploma and maybe open her own salon soon.

While we were still chatting, I also did some reading about it and told her about the Oregon Board of Cosmetology. I told her that cosmetology wasn’t just about makeovers and beauty products. There are strict guidelines to follow and licenses to be applied for. She said she knew about them and would still like to continue. For her, it’s now her passion to learn about all these things. Good luck my friend and do me a makeover soon when I go back to visit you!


aqua April 23, 2011 at 7:27 PM  

yeah!!! i find it interesting too... since it expensive going to a parlor for a makeover... might as well learn doing it by ourselves...

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