Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring has Sprung

I have been hearing this three words many times now and yet I don't feel the spring here. few days ago we had a little flurries and then rain every now and then. This is a reminder that winter still here and spring hasn't kick in yet. However, I really do look forward for spring and able to wear less layer of clothing. I want to wear my sandal already and some short. My three year old son is also sick and tired of wearing close shoes. Every time we are in the car he takes his shoes off his feet. He wants to wear his sandal already but I won't let him because of the unpredictable weather and besides it is still a little bit cold in our place. I have to buy him a new sandal though because I think he already outgrow his old sandal from last year. I'd probably look online for boys summer sandals so we do not have to make a special trip to the mall. Online shopping is now in today. It is very convenient as you can buy things in the comfort of you own computer. It's certainly easy to shop online because they have more choices than other physical store. Before the spring kicks in, make sure you have shop everything you need for your spring fashion style. Spring had sprung but it will be in full swing soon. Your little tikes might probably need a new pair of sandal. Check out the video below so you will know how easy to shop obline and you can get the right size that fits to your kids feet.


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