Monday, May 16, 2011

Autumn and Dora

Content by Faustino Fuentes

I finally decided on my favorite Dora the Explorer show. We watched it on our cable television. It has got to be the one where she is saving the young prince. He is so cute! The way he and Dora interact gives a great example of how kids should behave with one another. The positive role modeling of manners and helpfulness are needed in today's world.

I think the characters on this show teach diversity and the importance of tolerance for people who are not like you. Regardless of size, color, shape or language, Dora is friends with them all.

My daughter and I learned the words for “Help me” in Spanish. She runs around the house saying it all the time. Autumn loves the way Dora gets to go on great adventures, especially when Dora is wearing pretty princess dresses. Autumn gets all dressed up in her pretty dress and pretends she is really there with Dora. It is so cute to watch. Autumn has learned so much Spanish from watching the show. She already knows all her colors and numbers. Makes a momma proud!


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