Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carpet and Car Cleaning

One thing makes my cleaning difficult aside from the fact that my vacuum is not doing a good job is, my kids following the vacuum around. They are fascinated with the lights and sound from it. They want to help cleaning the carpet but the more it makes my job harder. We also need this carpet cleaned before we moved out. So many stains and tough dirt sticks in the fiber.

Next week I’m going to look at scheduling an appointment for our house carpet and rugs. They need thorough washing and disinfecting, thanks to my 2 little dragons. I wanted this type of cleaning because I wanted to make sure it’s safe for them when they play on the carpets or even roll on them. Oh well, the anxieties of being a mom.

But then I realized, since they also do cleaning for cars and trucks, based on their site at, I can also include that in my request. For any truck mount carpet cleaning austin is lucky to have the services of The Steam Team. I love the idea of everything getting cleaned at the same time. I can enjoy the knowledge that not only is my house clean (carpets and rugs) but also our car. Since we always use our car when we bond together, it’s great to know that my kids are also safe and clean when they’re in the car.


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